Why Jesus?

Become Truly Alive.

Here at All Nations, we love Jesus! We love worshipping Him, living for Him and introducing others to Him. We think He's amazing, and the best thing that can happen to anyone. But... why?

Here's the deal:

He loves us.
He loves us.

God made every one of us (that includes you!) in His likeness. We’re made to live in a loving relationship with Him, and to reflect His character as we live our lives. It’s what we’re literally designed for.

This is all for God’s glory. That means loving Him, trusting Him, obeying Him and treasuring Him above all things – but out of joy, not duty. He created each of us to put Him first in all things and to enjoy Him forever, with all of the amazing things He gives us.

We've messed up.
We've messed up.

None of us live a perfect life. We don’t love, trust, obey or treasure God perfectly. We act, speak, and think selfishly, often disregarding God. Because He is perfect, He can’t overlook this. The Bible calls this sin and our sin separates us from Him.

The punishment for sin is separation from God forever. As a result, we all deserve eternal punishment. But God isn’t interested in what we deserve.

He has a plan.
He has a plan.

Because He loves us so much, He sent his only son Jesus into the world to provide the only way to eternal life. This is a love that knows no limits.

Jesus willingly came to die for us all – no matter how old or young, good or bad, rich or poor. All of us need His help. Through His death on a cross, He dealt with all our sin, guilt, shame and condemnation. He ‘stood in the gap’ for us and took the punishment that our wrongdoing deserved. He offers us the opportunity to admit to our sin, invite Him into our lives, and start living our lives for God. It’s the greatest adventure.

The decision is yours.
The decision is yours.

The good news is that eternal life is a free gift to anyone who is truly sorry and trusts in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour – no matter what we’ve done. Nobody is beyond His love! He promises to be our best friend in every circumstance of our lives.

Accepting Jesus Christ means a brand new start! And He promises to be with us and to help us as we live for God. We’re talking real, deep, and true relationship. How will you respond?

Want to follow Jesus?

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