Talking Spaces

We're Here to Help.

Do you want to talk it through – but you’re not sure who with? Perhaps you have experiences from your past that are difficult to move past?

Whatever it might be, Talking Spaces is here for you.

We offer up to six weekly sessions to listen to you in complete confidentiality - helping you work through events and life itself, so that the weight you're carrying might be lifted.

In the first session, we'll introduce you to how it all works and you'll be asked some questions that'll allow us to carefully pick the right Listener for you. Talking Spaces Listeners can't do the work for you - but they can help.

Our volunteers have been trained by the Manna House Christian Counselling Service.

If you'd like to know more, just get in touch on 01234 273773, or email us at

Don't be afraid to reach out; everyone needs a listening ear.

Marianne Bolger

Operations Manager