Connect Groups

What's a Connect Group?

It's family! We believe, like many other churches, that church isn't just for Sundays - far from it, in fact. No person is an island, and living out our lives following Jesus in the day-to-day can be really challenging.

Connect Groups are small groups that meet in people's homes on a weekly basis and allow us to pray together, study His word, support one another, and simply be a family. Take a listen to Chantelle below as she explains more.

Why Join a Connect Group?

Connect Groups are support. They're community. And, not to overuse the word, they really can be a family in Jesus. With groups gathering on a range of different days, times and locations, the real question is - why not?


We all need Jesus, and He made us with a need for community. Care, love and support goes further in a small group. Find yours here.


Learn to grow in your faith, and help others to grow in theirs. You have a voice, a gift, and something to bring. Discover yours here.


We're Jesus' hands and feet. You are called to your neighbourhood, your town, your nation and the nations. Start your adventure here.

Spanning Bedford, and Beyond

Interested in joining a group? That's awesome! We have loads running in Bedford and the surrounding area. Take a browse through our currently active groups below, and get in touch with us if you'd like to explore joining one. We'd love to have you!