To be a diverse people, growing and going for the glory of God in Bedford and beyond.

Diverse (Revelation 7:9)

Why diverse? Because it reflects the heart of God in his being, his creativity and his multicoloured wisdom. Ephesians 3:10 tells us that the intent of God is to reveal through the church his manifold (literally multicoloured) wisdom to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 2:15-16 tells how this is done: through Jesus’ work on the cross destroying every hostility and barrier that exists between human beings and creating for himself a new people reconciled to God and each other.

Of course, diversity is not just about race or colour. It encompasses age and stage in life as well as social standing and culture. All Nations Church is a hugely diverse family made up of people from many backgrounds. Our dream is of a church so rich in diversity that worldly divisions, cultural barriers, and natural hostilities are taken down and broken under the gospel of Jesus.

That’s worth showing to the world!

Growing (John 15:16)

It’s not just wishful thinking to grow. Anything that has life and health grows. That’s God’s pattern. And it’s true for his church. A church that is God centred, Bible believing, Spirit filled and mission overflowing will grow. Jesus appointed us to bear much fruit and fruit that would last (John 15:8, 16). We believe God has called us to be church of size and capacity that will impact our nation and the nations for God’s glory.

That includes numbers, but it’s so much more. It includes growing in love and knowledge of Father God; growing more like Jesus; growing in obedience to his Word; growing in hunger and experience of the Spirit. The overflow of this is that we will grow in love and compassion for the lost, for the poor, for the broken, for the oppressed, for those in prison (Luke 4:18-19). God has called us to be a growing church. We are seeing that!!!

Going (Matthew 28:19)

You can’t grow and then not go. The two are related. Jesus commanded His church to “Go!!” We too are to know those words ringing loud and clear in our ears and in our hearts. We are to go to those who don’t yet know him, near or far. In fact our mandate is the ends of the earth.

However, we start with our families, our street, our school, our workplace, our community and go wherever God sends us. Our strategy for going is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and led by him. That will result in many creative initiatives to reach those not yet saved as well as equipping each person to be active in sharing their faith wherever God gives opportunity (Philemon 6).

Bedford and Beyond (Acts 1:8)

We love our town and desire its growth for good. We seek to be active in shaping Bedford with the power of the Gospel and the values of the Kingdom of God. We are stirred about establishing congregations on different sites across Bedford, something better known as multi site. We do that in partnership with other churches in the town, and seek to work with those in authority to make this a great place to live.

From Bedford, we also have opportunity to impact our nation and the nations. We have many who work and serve in our capital and other big cities, and we are active in many countries of the world, notably in Africa and the Far East. Our vision is to see many vibrant New Testament churches growing and going in the countries represented in our community. From All Nations Church to all nations is a great motivator in our mission.

For the glory of God!

All this is for Jesus Christ, that the whole earth might be filled with the knowledge of his glory (Habakkuk 2:14).

Interested in belonging to something which impacts and changes the world around it? Then come and join us at All Nations as we play our part in fulfilling His purposes on the earth.

Wider and Deeper

Unpacking Something of our Vision

Our calling as All Nations Church is be A DIVERSE FAMILY, GROWING AND GOING FOR THE GLORY OF GOD, IN BEDFORD AND BEYOND. We love this mandate from the Lord to impact the lives of thousands across the nations through being a worshipping, missional family. We now serve the Lord as one church, on two sites with multiple meetings, impacting communities in the north and south of Bedford. In recent times we have known the invitation of the Lord to go “Wider and Deeper” with Him. Wider in our witness and deeper in our devotion and discipleship. These words help shape all we do.


• As we step into this new season, we are letting the Lord lead us towards a third site in the west of Bedford which we believe will happen in 2017.

• We are also looking to acquire a building for our South Site which will give us a base during the week from which we can conduct all God has called us to do.

• We also wish to refresh and renew our building at the North Site to make it even more e ective in the mission of God.

• We have established a Future Fund from which we aim to release  nance for this ongoing mission.

• We will be having two gift days (Sunday January 31st and Sunday 15th May) to help us move forward with the resources needed for these future works.


Please join us on this adventure and pray for us that we would know the Lord’s leading and provision in all we do.

We also have opportunities to go wider in our witness with our friends, family and colleagues. Our services on Sunday are great moments for people to encounter the Lord Jesus.


Helping us go deeper in our relationships with Jesus and each other, we have many opportunities to step into.

• We want to know more of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power amongst us. We

have invited Andrew Leakey to come and lead our “Word and Spirit” Conference (October 14th-16th) as well as meeting with us through the year to encourage us on this journey.

• We have our “One New People” Conference (May 13th-15th) where we celebrate our unity in diversity and go deeper in working out the vision of being “one new people” in Christ.

• The Catalyst Festival (May 28th-31st) Stoneleigh Park, where we join with other churches in the Catalyst family to worship and be encouraged in our mission.

• We have various Equipping Courses, including Leadership Training, that we will be running over this next season to help us grow in our discipleship.

• We continue to run Small Groups. They are essential places to be connected and cared for in a church our size. Make sure you are in one!

• Prayer Meetings. We hold our church prayer meeting on the third Wednesday of every month. Come and be part of these powerful times in God’s presence.


Let me challenge you to get plugged into a group or an equipping track where you can grow on your journey with Jesus. A list of groups is enclosed in this booklet.

The truth is there is much we could step into. Let me encourage you to be intentional in going wider and deeper by committing to one area of mission and one area of growing in your walk with God. I hope this booklet will help you make some choices. The Lord bless you as you step out in this new season.


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