The Bible declares, ‘Let the nations be glad and sing for joy’ (Psalm 67:4). Why should they? Because God reigns and He is intent on saving people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. We love this amazing promise at All Nations Church and are working to bring it about in several countries that have been laid on our hearts over a number of years.

In terms of overseas mission we seek to make available the breadth of our resources, as God leads, to partner with local Christians in bringing the good news of the Kingdom both spiritually and practically.

Operation Tanzania

This is our aid project started in 1984. A team of packers meet on Tuesday afternoons at the North Site to process and pack suitable items for distribution to churches, schools etc. in south east Tanzania. There is always a need for income- producing items such as sewing machines and carpentry tools. Schools and Bible colleges need exercise books and computers.

Bethel Miracle Church, Mbeya, Tanzania

We have developed a significant relationship with Jonathan Kyando, the elders, leaders and members of this large Church, situated in Mbeya, a city in the south- west of Tanzania near the Malawi border. This is now the base for a network of more than 100 associated churches with a current objective of extending the network by planting a new Church at Dar-Es Salaam, which is the commercial centre of Tanzania. The city gives access to the coastal region of Tanzania. All Nations Church has sought to resource this in significant ways through partnership in mission, both spiritually and financially. Through visits we bring encouragement, training and teaching.

Holy Dwelling Church, Malawi

We have developed a significant relationship with Booker and Lesita Banda, the elders, leaders and members of this large Church, situated in Llilongwe, the capital. We have partnered in mission in numerous ways, especially in the provision of transport to enable Church planting in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. Our most recent purchase was a vehicle in 2014.

A chicken farm was built in 2013, stocked in 2014 and 2015 and provides employment and is a future source of income for the ministry when at full production.

And to the ends of the world

The Messengers is a UK Christian registered charity whose trustees include church members Jonathan and Nicola Walter with active support from other church members through mission visits.

The Messengers aim is to support and encourage Christians in South East Asia in countries where they are restricted or persecuted for practising their faith. Particular emphasis is given to the needs of tribal or minority groups, and to build the indigenous church through practical and spiritual support.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Stephen & Nessie Levinsohn are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and for over 30 years worked with the Inga people in Colombia (S. America). Stephen continues to provide training in linguistics and as a consultant in several countries enabling the Bible to be available to more and more people in their own language.


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