Newfrontiers / Catalyst Network

Catalyst is a network of churches working together to make disciples in the nations of the world, and is part of Newfrontiers

David Devenish leads the Catalyst team, which serves hundreds of churches in the Russian-speaking and Muslim-majority worlds, the Balkans, Western Europe and parts of Asia and Africa.

We’re passionate about four things that will help to make our calling a reality – the Word, the Spirit, Church and Mission.


The Bible is fundamental to everything we do – our final authority for what we believe and how we live. We want to do everything we can to equip people to enjoy it for themselves, treasure the gospel it contains and communicate its message in a way that’s relevant to their culture.


We love the Holy Spirit. We want to see people living Spirit-empowered lives – hearing his voice, enjoying his presence and using his gifts. We don’t just want to read about what he does in the book of Acts, but see him working powerfully in our churches, communities and nations.


We’re dedicated to equipping, strengthening and planting churches, aiming to be faithful to the vision of church life described in the New Testament. We want to see churches that are built on genuine relationships, and that serve and reach out to those who don’t yet know Jesus.


We believe God has called us to be a blessing in every part of our societies, using our skills and passions for the common good. And we also want to take the good news of Jesus to the nations of the world, particularly to unreached people groups. Both of these are crucial to our understanding of mission.

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