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Women's Malawi Blog No. 4

The trip has come to an end but the experiences will remain with us forever. Here are a few more thoughts from the rest of the ladies.

“Loved the opportunity to speak truth and affirmation into the women’s lives through preaching and praying for them. Also to watch my sisters doing the same with courage and passion. I was also impressed with the way the women who came and worshipped with such passion no matter what their circumstances were. There was also some amazing singing and real freedom in their dancing...absolutely infectious in a good way so we couldn’t keep our feet still. Was…

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Women's Malawi Blog No. 3

The conference has been an amazing blessing, we already knew that God was going to do something great but we don’t think we were completely aware of how life changing this trip would have been. Here…

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Women's Malawi Blog No. 2

Day 1

We thank God for travelling mercies, there we no complications with our flights or connections. A few bumps here and there in the sky ... nothing that a quick prayer couldn't sort…

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Women's Malawi Blog No. 1

The excitement begins! 

So 9:15am yesterday morning I was prompted by Lynn on WhatsApp to take my malaria tablet. Two things struck me at that point -

1) this…

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Remembering Malawi

By Jon Lampard

I've been back more than 3 weeks, and I'm back in the old routine. And in that sense, Malawi seems like a distant memory. And yet it isn't. 


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Malawi 2016 - 5 Reflections From My Visit

By Andy Woodward

So I have recently returned from the Warm Heart of Africa (Malawi for the uninitiated!) with Jonathan Lampard and Martin Bull who leads ‘The Well Church’…

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